Join Lulu’s French-learning adventures – A YouTube channel for young children!

Bonjour fellow French enthusiasts!

I am thrilled to introduce you to my shiny, brand-new YouTube channel. It’s goal is to enthral your little language learners, as they embark on an exciting journey into the world of French. So, grab your berets and baguettes, and come discover my first three animations, where unique characters will encourage your pupils to explore different vocabulary and themes such as Counting, Clothes, Seasons and Months.

Playlist: French songs with Joy 4 Kids Lulu

Why French for Our Little Explorers?

As a bilingual performer I recognise the value of being brought up with two languages. I became fluent in both French and English around age 11. Throughout my life, my knowledge of both languages has opened me up to a trove of opportunities, such as working in multilingual industries and meeting people from all walks of life. Languages are a gift, which enrich you with new perspectives. It is through language that we better understand the world we live in, its different cultures and how people see, understand and do things.

French is my treasure. It is not only a language, but also the door to many others. I personally experienced this when learning Spanish, as many words were similar due to their common Latin roots.

Today I wish to pass on this gift to primary school children. At that age, kids have the impressive ability to absorb new content, almost instinctively. Through play, songs and interactive storytelling, they do not shy away from immersing themselves. Indeed, how can one resist as long as it’s fun.

It is their lightheartedness, which inspires me the most. It is what awakens my inner-child and spurs me to bring them quality content, both entertaining and educational.

What is in store for you?

This YouTube channel project is very close to my heart and I have great plans for its future. As a performer I plan to produce short series, similar to my bilingual theatre plays. I will be enacting different characters such as Lulu and the French Characters she’ll be meeting throughout her adventures. You can expect each new video to contain one or several of the following:

  • French and English stories: French lessons will be seen in a whole new way, as they’ll seamlessly be integrated into Lulu’s travels. Lulu will also be constantly including the audience, encouraging them to join in as she practises her French. Children will feel immersed as they learn different topics, such as introducing themselves and asking for directions.
  • Musical moments: Get ready to dance and sing! Our channel will feature catchy French tunes that’ll have your kids tapping their toes and belting out lyrics in no time.
  • Games and Playtime: Learning should always be a playful adventure. We’ve got games and activities that encourage active participation, problem-solving, and memory-building.
  • French Traditions and Fun Facts: Speaking a language is more than just words; it’s about understanding a culture. We’ll share insights into French traditions, holidays, and customs, giving your kids a holistic language learning experience.

In a nutshell…

At Joy 4 Kids, we’re all about making language learning a unique and delightful experience for your little ones. My new YouTube channel is my way of sharing high-quality, free resources with parents and teachers who want to ignite the language spark in kids’ hearts. Together, let’s foster a love for languages and create young global citizens with the world at their fingertips.

Join me on this incredible journey of discovery, and let’s set sail into the enchanting world of French together! Hit that “Subscribe” button to get started. À bientôt! (See you soon!)

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