Meet our Spanish workshop performers!

Inspiring pupils to become future linguists!

Our Spanish workshop performers will take your pupils on an incredible journey, encouraging them to love and practise their Spanish as we do, through storytelling and play. Our Spanish team of actors includes Lucy, and either Valentina or Jennifer as our native Spanish speakers

In Búsqueda Del Tesoro, Lucy has gone to Spain on a treasure hunt.  Her Spanish is a little rusty.  Fortunately the pupils will be able to help her on her adventure!  Lucy and the pupils will meet three Spanish characters: a flamenco dancer, Don Quijote de la Mancha and an aspiring Pablo Picasso.  They do not speak English, but with mimes, games, dancing and singing everyone will be able to help each other in both languages.

Read on to find out a little more about us!  Further down you can see our rehearsal pictures and videos!

Lucy Dreyer

Lucy is the writer and producer of all our Joy 4 Kids language plays.

She trained at Guildford School of Acting (GSA) and has been working with children since 2017.  Besides creating and performing in foreign language theatre plays, she presents various workshops (science, fitness, mindfulness, first aid), performs in pantomimes and is a children’s party entertainer.

Her boundless energy and love for acting and working with children make her a dynamic and inspiring presence in every project she undertakes!

Valentina Infante

Valentina studied acting, lyrical singing, voice-over, primary education and theatre pedagogy in Chile and Argentina. She has been working with children since 2010.  She is a sound performer, writer, facilitator of voice and movement workshops and one of the co-founders of the artistic NGO Hilanderas, based in Chile. 

Valentina is a person who enjoys the present moment, in harmony with what is right and what she deserves. She loves nature and its sounds. Her vibration invites children and people to experience life through honesty, respect, fun and love.

Jennifer Castillo

Jennifer is a professional Spanish actress with training from both Spain and England since 2014. Her passion for acting began at the age of five, spending her days singing and dancing. 

In addition to her acting career,  Jennifer is a dedicated Drama teacher and acting coach at Superproof, where she inspires and mentors both children and adults.

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Búsqueda Del Tesoro's rehearsal pictures

Búsqueda Del Tesoro's Rehearsal video